Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Your Ex-Lover Marriage, Come Or Not?
Have you ever run into a dilemma when receiving a wedding invitation from a former lover. Do you need to come to the party or dodge better?

There are several considerations that you should do before deciding to answer the question above. This is it!

How do you breakup story
Not all relationships running smoothly. Sometimes it can end well, but some are actually ending with anger and resentment. Try to remember how to shape your relationship with the former last met. If you feel there is a lot of pent-up emotion or anger, should not have come, rather than the possibility of "drama" that you can lakoni at the party. But if your relationship like a friend and former, there is no reason for you not to come.

Consider the social environment
Sometimes your absence also has another effect. For example became the talk of the social environment. If you do not want to come, make sure your social environment and your partner will not develop a negative rumor or opinion.

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Consider the feelings of the couple
While you and your ex did not have any problems, but do not forget to ask the opinion of the couple. When it comes to the marriage of former spouse will only make you hurt, should not be necessary. You better focus to the relationships being lived, rather than the past.

Consider the goal
Try to be honest with yourself: what motivates you as a wedding present to a former lover. If your goal stay in touch and pure reunion with friends, certainly could not hurt. But if it saved the desire to make your ex regret leaving, or making the prospective wife of former intimidated by your beauty, better not come. This proves there is still pent-up emotions inside. Do not let your selfishness destroys the happiness of others.

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